The eDiscovery Maturity Self-Assessment Test (EMSAT)

The EDRM eDiscovery Maturity Self-Assessment Test is a detailed Excel spreadsheet designed to help you assess your organization’s level of eDiscovery maturity and use that assessment to reach the level deemed appropriate for your organization.


Wells LitSupport partners with KoWorks, LLC to help you complete the EMSAT and walk you through the expert-level-based worksheets. This is a benchmark test that facilitates discussion and improves processes. It is not a survey or a guide for building processes. This worksheet is the platform to begin realizing the gaps or levels of immaturity that need to be addressed.

Envision a group of stakeholders or key players answering these questions – the more people involved, the better your results. eDiscovery impacts all groups within an organization. This is not a test – only a tool to assist you in recognizing areas that may need improvement for those that want to comply. There is no such thing as a bad score. The score is merely an indication of your team’s eDiscovery readiness and reflects either basic or comprehensive knowledge of processes and requirements. The test is broken into several areas of competence and provides a well-rounded assessment of the current status of your organization. This allows you to evaluate where you want to be in relationship to eDiscovery compliance.

Following this exercise, Wells LitSupport and KoWorks, LLC will assist you with improving your level of maturity. Follow the link now to assess your eCompetence maturity.

eCompetence Assessment

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